A Brief History of Alpha Xi

Alpha Xi
Elder Diggs stood quietly before nine young men.

Their Eager Faces told him to begin.
But he was grazing far past this campus ground,
and challenging the world as he looked around.
Diggs at the helm nine men at his feet.
A campus his ship, these men his fleet.
No wonder the earth trembled beneath every tree,
as his voice rang out. “I see fraternity!”
No man was ever prouder than he:
For before him sat Armstrong, Asher, Blakemore, Lee.
Men like Grant and Alexander would always remain;
To work beside Edmunds, Irvin and Caine.
Now after long days and nights I Plea;
For my poor soul burns for fraternity!
Not just here, not just for us:
On every campus Negro youth are left to rust.
We must not tarry our course is set.
Let us here now cast our net.
Not for profit, not for gain
but. for men to achieve, for men to attain
Upon Indiana soil we lay our foundation.
Kappa Alpha Psi shall be our creation.
Oh God! We’re here to embark to sea;
For tonight I see Fraternity!!
And in this your year, nineteen eleven,
Guide us forth from your seat in heaven.
Let us build brotherhood wherever we go;
Until campus after campus will Kappa men know.
Teaching men to achieve will be our goal.
The world our stage, achievement our role.
And so here we meet, unhappy though free,
As my burning soul cries, I see Fraternity!
As you sit here listening attentively
To this history of alpha xi
Im sure your souls are burning, I see fraternity

As Melvin Kyler and JRE, Lee, Jr. prayed that young men of culture, patriotism and honor would be able to unite in a bond of fraternity in Tallahassee, Florida; the break of day was on April 22, 1933 on the campus of Florida A & M University, the realization of a dream came to fruition, the Alpha Xi Chapter was chartered. From a very noble beginning, with the assistance of Northern Florida area Kappa men, Pi Chapter, Jacksonville Alumni Chapter and others, the Alpha Xi Chapter, from the highest of Tallahassee’s seven hills, has served as the initiating chapter of more than 1000 men of achievement. Leonard Walker, Sylvester Beasley, James Joyner, and George Narin were of the first at Florida A & M University to have their names added to the eternal scroll of Kappa Alpha Psi. I see fraternity.
Noted as scholars with high grade point averages and high morals, many of the members went on to law school, medical school and other institutions of higher learning to earn post graduate degrees. Because Kappa believes in Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor, Doctors, Band directors, Lawyers, Professional Football Players, Educators, Entrepreneurs, Politicians, Morticians, Pastors, Coaches, Business & Finance Leaders, Military Leaders, Presiding Elders, Governmental Officials, University Presidents and Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents of Major Corporations, and other professions are boasted by the men of Alpha Xi Alumni

With the establishment of the Alpha Xi Chapter, area graduate Kappas had an arena to continue carrying on the brotherhood and the ideals of the fraternity. They united with Alpha Xi on volunteer projects in the Tallahassee community on a number of social and service projects. Hence, the Tallahassee Alumni Chapter was chartered on June 29, 1946 and the Theta Eta Chapter (Florida State University) was chartered on September 28, 1975. A number of joint activities were held, The Black & White Ball being the most exclusive and formal, The Undergraduate breakfast, basketball tournaments and Founders Day banquets to name a few.

On FAMU’s campus, throughout the years, the Alpha Xi chapter members held positions of leadership in most every student organization. SGA Presidents and Vice Presidents, Pan Hel, Football, Basketball, Golf, Marching 100 Drum Majors, Section Leaders and Rank Sergeants, Tennis, King of Orange and Green, Yearbook Club, Mr. FAMU, all service and professional organizations – KKPsi, APO, KPsi, AKPsi, Phi Alpha Delta, International Law Fraternity, FAMU SBI, Honor Societies, Senators, Electoral Commissioners, – all position of leadership held by men of the Alpha Xi Chapter. In the classroom, members were tops on every test – and party gentlemen – we were the best. The Black & White Ball, KAPPA WEEK, The Playboy Jazz, The Playboy Jazz Parade, The Speakeasy, The Kappa Luau, Bourbon Street, the most anticipated event of the night- Sunday Nite Kap, and LUSH! These social activities were second to none and were and hopefully will be the bar by which all students will judge the social life at FAMU. Kappa sets the pace and leads the race – I see fraternity.

Brother Anderson Perry – known by the brothers as “Stein” short for Einstein graduated number 1 in his class with a 4.0 average – Pharmacy. But the list of brothers on the Dean’s list, honor roll, honor societies are too numerous to mention. But, to have 100% of the chapter with such an honor (for the spring of 2014) is my challenge to those of you who may be selected for this intake class. I see fraternity

Other members having held national offices are: Junior Grand Vice Polemarch (Guy L. Grant Awardee); Richard Williams, Grand Board of Directors, Undergraduate; Frederick White, Grand Strategus, Freddie Dorsey, Grand Lt. Strategus; Karl White, Jr., Ed Benson, Grand Lt. Strategus;
Other members having held province offices are: Jr. Vice Province Polemarchs – Lorenzo Monroe, Lawrence Cole, Thomas Battles, Jarvis Farmer, Keith Clinkscales, Rodney Sanders, Alan Williams and Renaldo Allen,
Province Polemarchs: Thomas L. Battles and Frank S. Emanuel
Undergraduate Board Members: Torey Alston
Strategus: Jimmy Howard
Lt. Strategus: Reginald Sapp, Cory Gray,
1993 – Winners of the first National Kappa Kuiz Bowl
1994 – Southern Province Chapter of the Year
2003 – Alpha Xi Chapter Reunion – Reuniting for the good of … , TLH, FL
2013 – Alpha Xi Family Reunion and 80th Celebration – Gainesville, FL

Other National and Province positions:
Thomas Battles, Sr. Grand Vice-Polemarch
Spencer T. Bruce, Deputy Executive Director, IHQ (served as Interim Executive Director)
Michael R. Moore, National Nominating Committee Chair, Grand Chaplain
Edward R. Scott, National Medical Director
Ernest J. Lane, Official Vendor (having served under 3 Grand Poleamarchs)
Michael Dubose, National Chair, Executive 100, Kappa Foundation VP
Kevin Cox, National Chair, Resolutions
And as the Alpha Xi Chapter’s history unfolds, we look forward with Brother Thomas L. Battles, Alpha Xi, Spring 73 as he pursues becoming the 32nd Grand Polemarch of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Through the hard work of Province Polemarch Linnes Finney Jr. Esq. in the summer of 2013 the Alpha Xi chapter on the campus of Florida A&M university was reinstated. In the e fall of 2013, through hard work and dedication 25 young men, the alpha xi chapter rejoined the campus after a 7 year hiatus. Maurice Jackson, Jamal Hayward, Eric Wright, Andre Woodard, Clifton Abraham, Miles Williams, Giles Williams, Lance Williams, Jackson Willis, Gregory George, Christopher Laboo, Larry Jones, Ryan McDougal, Nicholas Miller, Ope Adetula, Jesse Curney, Paul Thompson, Jarron Goodman, Terry Waters, Jai Brown, Jarrett Johnson, Tony Covington, Justin Guy, Levar Parkinson, and Simeon Dixon.
Under the leadership of Board members, Levar Parkinson, Lance Williams, Andre Woodard, Reporter Clifton Abraham, Historian Giles Williams, Lt. Strategus Ope Adetula, Strategus Christopher Laboo, Keeper of Exchequer Simeon Dixon, Keeper of Records Ryan McDougal, Vice Polemarch Nicholas Miller, and Polemarch Gregory George. This chapter is taking the right strides towards achievement, and in that “I see Fraternity”!
This is our History – Alpha Xi

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